Friday, January 6, 2012

In the Picture ~ {a piece of me} ~ 52 in 52 ~ #1

{in the picture}
This iPhone shot represents an important piece of my daily sitting in my car for the 30 mile drive to and from work each day. So what better a way to start this year’s self-portrait challenge than a picture of Genie plopped in the front seat on New Year’s Day. We were going over to my best friend’s house to eat lamb, brussel sprouts,sweet potato pie, black eyed peas and rice (Hoppin’ John), collards, and watch our poor old Redskins lose once again. When this picture appeared on my computer screen, I was shocked at all of my wrinkles. For some reason they do not show up like this in the mirror over my basin. Ah....getting old is such glorious fun.One happy note...the strand of beads I am wearing were given to me by my principal this Christmas. They had belonged to his grandmother, but now they are a true treasure of mine. I’m still awed by his generosity and kindness. They are absolutely beautiful.

Here are the words of our “{in the picture}" leader:
"For this month's theme I thought I'd start us out gently. How about "a piece of me"? When you think of a self-portrait, it doesn't always mean you have to show your whole face. Some of the most interesting portraits can be of an eye, lips, a hand, or shot from an angle that doesn't show your face or your whole body. Remember, themes are optional (and only monthly) so if you have another idea or you are shooting weekly or daily selfies, feel free to think outside the box and go your own 
"way. This project is all about your self-expression.

In The Picture


  1. oh i think you look beautiful and what a wonderful gift to receive!

  2. hi genie! (waving!)

    funny, i look at my photos and see wrinkles i don't otherwise notice too! i think the camera does it - like when it adds 10 lbs. it adds wrinkles as well! :)

  3. I think you are very brave. Try taking a self portrait looking up to the camera instead of down, you may surprise yourself....

  4. I like your picture. You look very serious about this photo challenge. Those pearls are beautiful....such a wonderful gift.

  5. I like your picture. You look very serious about this photo challenge. Those pearls are beautiful....such a wonderful gift.

  6. Don't mind the wrinkles... You're still beautiful nonetheless!

  7. Lovely photo Genie! I am always hiding behind my camera lens on my self portraits. Think this is very nice!

  8. Your self portrait is full of character and it certainly does give the message "Ha! I can beat the technology!"
    I really dislike having my photos taken or taking my own, so yes well done for yours!

  9. Love the beads and your self portrait is beautiful. I see a very strong woman, who not only has the gift to blog nicely, but also a woman who takes beautiful photos to share with friends. Your photographs are only an extension of you Genie. Great Photo
    Cheers :)