Saturday, January 21, 2012

More from Swannanoa Mansion

Arbor...walk at your own risk.

A View and a Reflection


Living Room

Original Tile Roof

 Entry and Double Staircase 

One of the Fireplaces

Side View of House

Fireplace in Smoking (Gentlemen’s) Room
The signed Tiffany chandelier is in this room.

Room upstairs where the store the tiles when they come loose or fall off.

Caretaker’s House

Sink in Caretakers House 

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  1. The shadowy arbour is both inviting and intimidating! But I especially love the shadowy mystery in these glorious rooms of the mansion! What a feel of time past!

  2. this place is so beautiful genie and i definitely need to plan a trip there! i especially love the photo of the arbor!

  3. What a lovely place. I'm intrigued by the caretaker's house. I'd like to see that restored someday.

  4. hate to see some of this disrepair! but some parts are still so ornate!

  5. I'd be happy to live in the care takers home. What a lovely restoration that could be. Your photo of the arbor is fantastic. I can only inagine the wonderful lives that were lived in this grand place.

  6. Beautiful shadows.

    Please come see the Shadow of my dog in action.

  7. you have a great eye for capturing the beautiful!!

  8. What a beautiful old home - don't you know it was gorgeous in its heyday! I really like that arbor.

  9. Wow, that first shot is just beautiful!

    Here's my Shadow shot. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. well that was an enjoyable tour of a monstrous home. I wouldn't mind having that caretakers house - after it was restored of course. You're an excellent tour guide Genie. happy weekend to you.

  11. I liked this sequence of shots a lot. I wouldn't mind living in the caretakers house if it had a new sink.

  12. What a terrific series of shots, Genie! And such an enormous and fascinating place! Wonderful post for the day! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


  13. the arbor is stunning
    I like the room upstairs where they keep the tiles, the light is wonderful

  14. What a lovely fireplace! I really enjoyed the pattern shot in your first photo! I wonder how the sink in the caretaker's house got damaged that badly.

  15. What a place! I wonder what the life was like when it was inhabited...
    Have a good week ahead!

  16. Great shots. I love the first two and the last one.

  17. Wonderful shots. I love that fireplace.

  18. Yes, there's a lot of beautiful pictures, a great and comprehensive post for now mequedo with spectacular view in the first. Greetings.

  19. I see that you like broken and chipped objects too. Aren't they delightful to photograph? I hope you took plenty of pictures of that sink!

    Shadowy Path

  20. Interesting place. You need a lot of time to walk around it. And all those bridges....I love them.

  21. What a fantastic set of photographs! I love old buildings and would just love to photograph one like this. Thanks for sharing.