Saturday, November 26, 2011

Swinging on a Swinging Bridge on Sunday

Before you view my post this week, I want to share with you a picture made of Buddy and me 33 years ago. There was a discussion on the Today show this morning about the number of second marriages which fail...this number seems to be growing larger and larger. With my story I want to dispel the concept. I was first married for 18 years and now 33 years. I do not think we fall into that statistical study :-) To make the story a bit more unbelievable, I am now 72 and he is 59! He was and continues to be a wonderful and caring step-father to my 3 children now aged 48, 46, and 39. For this marriage and for my children, my grandchildren, and their extended families I give thanks this Thanksgiving.

As I look back on this old photo now, I think we look like brother and sister. Bud is basically bald and I am white haired with a bit of gray here and there.

Quite a while back I posted a few pictures of this swinging bridge at Rockbridge Baths, Virginia, but the photos were taken from the main road through the little township. Last weekend Buddy and I were driving about the county and ended up on a road that happened to run in front of the other side of the bridge. I almost flipped I was so excited. These photos were taken from that side. The ones of me Buddy took, and I took all the rest. These are all SOOC.

These steps are in lots better shape than on the other side. I guess that is not many people ever climb them being that the dirt road is not well known..

The bridge boards over here are better, too. I you remember, the ones on the other side are real scary.

The beautiful white fence goes around 
a wonderful old homeplace.

This red building is the a small storage building next to the Rockbridge Baths Post Office.

You can see the water level is way down...not much movement. It is really pretty this way.

Here is Buddy with the Canon Rebel around his neck but shooting with his iPhone. He will wear those hiking shorts all winter long with Smart Wool leggings under them. He will not wear what I call “normal” clothes. He is an outdoorsman through and through. The hat is a necessity, though, because he is pretty close to being totally bald!

Yep...this is moi about to start out on the wobbly thing. Take note that I have on “normal” clothes for a cold and windy day. No shorts for cap, yes. I am always in a baseball cap, but today I also had on a down jacket. It was cold! Note the look of concern and trepidation on my face. I would rather be on terra firma than out on that bridge.

I did it...but the smile and the happy hand wave are basically fakes. The thing scares me it is so old and shaky.

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  1. What a sweet sotry. I saw that on the Today show as well. What do they know, hah. They always say that about getting married young. You did well. Cute pictures. I would not have been able to stand on that bridge. I will email soon.

  2. laughing at you faking your happy smile from the bridge! :)

    and congrats to you both on bucking the 'norm' and beating any kind of statistics. good for you!!! nice to hear a success story!!!

  3. Nice to read your story and amazing.

  4. Wonderful bridges with exquisite light. A lovely old picture, that love does not leave you love.

  5. What an amazing adventure daring to walk that swing bridge! It is fascinating in these images! And love the story of you and Buddy! It's great to go against the statistics!

  6. It's a superb post!
    Have a great Sunday:)

  7. Love your shots.

    We have a lot of bridges like that here in NZ and the men wear shorts all year round--even in the coldest of weather!

  8. You start this off with a true smile and end with a fake smile!

  9. What a fabulous contribution to Sunday Bridges, Genie! Delightful!

    «Louis» also appreciates your support for his coffee business very much!

  10. Thats such a sweet story. Heart warming to read. And the pics are beautiful, especially loved the bridge...
    Have a fantastic sunday Genie:)

  11. Thats such a sweet story. Heart warming to read. And the pics are beautiful, especially loved the bridge...
    Have a fantastic sunday Genie:)

  12. coming via kim and Lesley's posts, I made the sae=me observation, and I told them.

    My bros and my husband are alike, When they are on the suspension bridges like yours, they will swing it and when you are in the middle of the bridge you get so scared.

  13. I can understand your trepidation, but I too, would've gone out on it too. Now you can say you did it! Great shots of really interesting bridges.

  14. Congratulations on beating the odds and finding your true love!
    Great photos and even if it was a fake smile, it was a pretty one!

  15. "GULP" You are a brave woman! I don't think that either of us would give it a try - so you have our admiration! Congrats on your 33 years - my mother-on-law is also 12 years older than her husband of 7 years - good for you guys :)
    ps..thanks for the great poem - loved it!
    Karla & Karrie

  16. Thanks for sharing your story! You have had a great life together! Congratulations. That bridge is really scary. I am afraid of heights and especially on wobbly bridges. You are brave people.

  17. So my second marriage is supposed to end in failure. I don't think I'll ever find out. You see, after 44 years I'm still happily on number one. I was surprised of the difference of age between you and Buddy. I guess that makes you a cougar;-) Nice bridges too.

  18. Nice little reportage. You wonder why people invented a swing bridge. But still brave of you to go over it.

  19. What a nice photo's and story. I don't like swinging bridges either. When it moves I want to go off.

  20. Cool pictures of this swinging bridge Genie!
    I like the angle in the 5th one very much :)

  21. OMG ! I would never be able to go on that bridge girl ! You are a super woman : )
    Long marriages are miracles when you are a "Military" couple .. we survived it and are going on 35 years in April .. it all depends on your circumstances and out side influences .. and if you really want to make it work and some times not ? LOL
    Great pictures and story !

  22. Oh, I'm sad you had to fake the last smile, Genie! I doubt that bridge would be there if it really posed a risk. Wonderful SOOC shots. The rest of your story sure put a smile on my face. Who ever wants to belong to the statistical "norm" - I sure don't. I've been happy with my soulmate (a second partner for both of us) for 26 years. I don't think this couple fits any norm either. :-) Oh, and I'd be wearing the down jacket too... but no baseball cap... flattens my curls!

  23. Good for you for beating the odds! I love stories like that.
    I also love that charming bridge!

  24. The swinging bridges are very picturesque. I actually like heights but have some balance issues at this point in my life so I might be a little leery of those.

    I think statistics fail to tell the story in so many ways and I liked your telling your personal experiences. I'm in a weird category in that Bill and I were married 14 years and have been divorced longer than that. If we'd stayed married we would have had our 31st anniversary this year. We still say happy anniversary to each other as we're often doing something together on that date, although not anniversary plans per se.

    We found our way back to a close friendship after a few years of estrangement, we vacation together, walk together, etc. As a matter of fact one of my sister says we have one of the best marriages she knows of. Probably the biggest mistake we made was ever divorcing but I'm not sure if we'd have become close again as we are now if we hadn't gotten a divorce. Even when we were estranged we were able to co-parent effectively so we had that connection.

    It's kind of funny that it wasn't until our daughter went to college that we started getting together with each other again for things unrelated to parenting. My I have gone on and on . . . but your post made me think of my own weird situation.

  25. You are a brave, brave woman! I saw that bridge and said, Holy Crap! Glad you made it across safely! You deserve a badge! Congrats on your many happy years of married life!

  26. i would love to cross that bridge one day..lovely images! visiting here too!

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  27. Lovely story Genie; who cares what the statistics say, it's personal histories that tell the real story. The bridge looks scary -- hooray for you being so brave.

    I am having a fine time catching up on recent posts. Computer time is limited when we're on the road.

  28. An interesting bridge and an interesting life! Thanks for sharing more of your story.

  29. What a wonderful story you've shared here! Those foot bridges are hard to find nowadays. I hope this one stays around for a long time! Thanks for stopping by at my bridge! Enjoy the week.