Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fences ~ 11-4-11

I pass this beautiful  farm on my way home from school each day. The people who own the property also board animals in luxury stalls in the old barn. Amazing.

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  1. Not a bad place to have to live away from home, is it? Especially with those mountain views. White painted fences are really popular in KY around horse farms. Love the way they stand out against the bluegrass.

  2. Lovely bold white fencing that seems to enhance and frame the beauty of the countryside!

  3. Love the edits to these shots! Lucky horses to be in such a lovely setting! Thanks for playing FF

  4. Sigh.. I love this scenic place, Genie.
    Thanks for sharing the beauty.


  5. I thought I had visited all the fence posts...but missed this one. I like both views....

  6. Great shots of the horses and fences! I'm always amazed at the amount of fencing at some horse farms. What a lot of work it must be to maintain! You commented on my quilt square photo. I look for those everywhere I go, but wasn't expecting this one and it was rather hidden. You can find maps on the Internet for areas where they are located that make it easy to find them. Indiana doesn't have very many...yet. Ohio, Kentucky, Tenn. and Iowa have lots.