Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buddy and The McDonald’s Half Marathon ~ Richmond, VA

So sorry the shots are not larger. For some reason clicking on the photos is not enlarging them. I did find if I hit command and the + sign, I can enlarge the collages to see more of the details...especially the runners in the second one.

This collage takes you from the night before when he got his stuff together until the end. The girl is Helen who works with Buddy at the Outfitters and ran the Marathon. He was freezing walking from the car to the race. I took photos of him from front and rear.Yes, Bud used the Port-a-John before the race, and Gene and Eloise are sitting under the tree waiting for Grandbud to round the curve. The 2 shots of him running are right in the neighborhood where Gene and the family live. The little boy playing while waiting for his family runner was the cutest thing ever. That last shot of Gene and Bud was Gene congratulating him on a job well done. He made it in a smidgin over 3 hours....he was thrilled. He was so worried that morning, but at the end of the day he was one happy runner at 59.

These are the “real” Marathoners. Buddy was quite lucky in that they happened to merge into the half marathon just where Buddy was running. Gene had a great time with his iPhone and his Photoshop skills. Look below and you will see the results.

Buddy Is a Close Second...Only in his dreams!

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  1. Great pictures. Love Eloise watching. I am home now. Maybe we can Sype soon.

  2. Nice job Buddy! Genie I like your framing. :)

  3. I enjoyed your pictures of the half marathon. It looks as if Buddy enjoyed running with the marathoners.

  4. The long vertical strip of pictures look three dimensional on my screen!

    Good shots.

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  5. It's nice to meet you in your SPORTY world.

  6. A nice series of photos, I love the strength of your friend.

  7. What a fantastic achievement!! And so close behind the 'real' marathoners ... !!!

    Thanx for visiting my blog - just to clarify the Remembrance Day thing - Both OZ and NZ observe ANZAC Day (April 25) AND Remebrance Day! They're for different reasons so both are still commemorated.

    Look forward to seeing you again!

  8. Great race shots. Love'em. Portapotty shots are in everybody's race pics for some reason.

  9. it makes me tired just to look at the shots. I used to jog when I was younger, but stoped 5 years ago.

  10. This is great, Genie! Congratulations to the runners!
    «Louis» used to run half matathons, but running helped finish off his left knee... (sigh)

  11. OOPS!
    «Louis» misspelled marathons.
    He can't run anymore, and apparently, is no longer able to spell, either...

  12. Genie -- I am kind of sporadic in my reading these days (roadtrip) -- seems like I looked one day and didnt see any new posts and then today I looked again and there are a whole bunch. I looked at them all -- congrats to Buddy -- for this run and for the new one he is doing (your top post) -- wow i am impressed and what a great example for the grandkids you two are!