Monday, October 11, 2010

Macro Monday ~ Hand Pump in Blue

This hand pump has the tropical and warm colors...the blues of the waters and then oranges and lush greens.

I am totally fascinated by old nuts and blots, wires, bridges, and anything with a linear quality. Today on our hike at Douthat State Park I found this old hand water pump. It immediately said “tropical and warm colors” so I couldn’t resist shooting it. The colors on the metal are just as they are in this picture.

This photograph is linked to the Flickr Macromonday Group. The prompt was to post something that had tropical warmth and color. If you would like to see some fabulous photography, click on the link above.


  1. Fabulous photo, Genie. There's something beautiful about this hand pump that's fallen into disuse ... great colours!

  2. Hiya Genie,
    Were you allowed to take it home?
    I love those rusty bits and bobs too and our garden is full of them. Much to somebody's annoyance :-)
    He threatens to take them to the dump.Makes for a good strong picture.

  3. «Louis» likes shots like this, too - but his usual subject matter doesn't allow him many opportunities for such a shot. Very fine image, Genie!

  4. great capture!
    i love the "old en no-use"look