Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pipe with No Water

I pass this pipe each day. It appears to go down into the Maury River at the bridge near Rockbridge Baths, but the sign says it carries no water. Interesting! I do like the bright red cap on it and the chain to discourage people from going off with it...though it does not look too strong.  Maybe the nearby volunteer fire department can hook up to it to fill their tanks. Heaven only knows. I just had to take a picture of it as I can never pass up something mundane or simplistic with straight,curved lines, or circles. I find them to be so intriguing. 

Thanks to Woody at Wayne Woodruff Photography I now know what this is called. It is a “standpipe.” 

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  1. and here i figured this would be linked to Ruby Tuesday!

  2. Hope some RV'er doesn't pull up to it to empty his holding tanks. Seriously, people are crazy like that.

  3. Oh, I love that bright red cap on the pipe, too! So cheery!

    (And thanks for leaving your kind and observant comment on my Macro Monday post. I didn't see the Christmas tree shadow until you'd pointed it out to me!)

  4. This is called a 'standpipe' (I have no idea why I know this useless stuff).

    I really like the bright red, it really pops. I also like the alignment of the nubs on the cap and pipe.

  5. Interesting and eye catching photo. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Too bad:(

    Visiting for RT! Hope you can visit mine too.

  7. Such a bright red color! Great and cool shot!

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  9. I must have been in a hurry to comment and corrected my statement - love your photos ! Your photos are much like the famous line "A Box Of Chocolates" - ya never know what you're going to get. Thanks a bunch for the sweet note you sent me as well Genie. Like I said; "Keep Shootin" - your photos certainly brighten up my day kiddo.